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Discover at Changefied our innovative gamification solutions for inclusive learning and serious gaming in the social domain. We are driven by a mission: To involve everyone in our society and help them grow so that they can move more confidently in the world. We do this by offering engaging and inclusive learning experiences using gamification technology, such as Virtual Reality.

Our gamified solutions 

Our serious games are designed to meet the specific needs within the social domain for, among others, people with autism or a mild intellectual disability. In addition, our solutions are used as a learning aid in education. We work closely with our customers to create gamified learning experiences that meet their unique learning goals and requirements. Using innovative technology, we can immerse people in virtual environments that simulate realistic situations. 

Below you will find an overview of our solutions. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Virtual OV

Virtual OV

Our VR-based solution is specially designed to prepare people with autism, mild intellectual disability or other psychosocial challenges to travel independently by public transport. With realistic scenarios and guided training, participants build confidence and develop essential skills. We increase mobility, promote social inclusion and strengthen executive functions. The result? Independence, quality of life and economic          opportunities.                                                                                      

Virtual TechLab

Virtual TechLab

Virtual TechLab offers a progressive learning opportunity for technical IT education. We create a realistic virtual environment in which hardware skills are developed without the limitations of physical hardware. Our structured learning environment allows you to gradually work on more complex tasks and identified different hardware components. With environmentally friendly and cost-efficient approach we reduce waste and save costs for educational institutions. Discover the future of tech education with Virtual TechLab.

About us

We focus on developing gamified solutions using, for example, Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

We are a young company and recognize that not everyone has sufficient opportunities to learn in order to fully participate in all facets of our society. We want to change that with the help of serious gaming!

Our mission is to create equal opportunities to learn for everyone, regardless of one's background or abilities. Our solutions enable people to gain new learning experiences, develop skills and grow at their own pace.