Mobile Device Management (MDM) for XR headset management

XR (VR/AR) has transformed the way we learn, work, and communicate. Education and businesses are increasingly utilizing XR headsets for providing training, visualizing product designs, and conducting virtual meetings. However, to fully leverage these technologies, effective management of VR headsets is essential. This is where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes into play.

Why use MDM for VR headsets?

MDM is a crucial solution for businesses aiming to efficiently deploy and manage their XR headsets. Here are some benefits of using MDM for VR headsets:

Centralized management:
  • With MDM, businesses can manage all their headsets from a single platform, making it easier to perform updates, deploy applications and monitor device status.
  • Whether you have different brands of headsets or various models, the right MDM solution enables efficient management, monitoring and easy updates.
Enhanced security:
  • MDM solutions offer advanced security features such as data encryption, permission management and protection against malware, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive data.
  • VR headsets often contain business-critical information and acces to sensitive systems, making robust security essential to prevent unauthorized access.
Increased productivity:
  • By simplifying headset management, teams can focus on their work rather than device maintenance, resulting in increased productivity.
  • MDM aids in streamlining processes, allowing employees to spend more time on what they do best.

ArborXR: Simplified management of XR devices and content

As a reseller of ArborXR, Changefied offers a powerful solution for managing XR devices and content. With ArborXR, we provide:

XR device management:
  • With ArborXR, effortlessly manage AR and VR devices. Easily set up devices, configure settings and keep track of your inventory. Whether you manage a few devices or a large XR fleet, ArborXR offers complete control.

  • Scale your XR deployments remotely with bulk enrollment and mass configuration. Keep your devices organized and efficiently managed.
AR and VR content deployment: 
  • Traditional methods of deploying content are time-consuming and inefficient. With ArborXR, deploy XR content quickly and flexibly remotely. Send apps and files to headsets, validate installation status and share content as desired.
  • Reliable content deployment in the field is essential, ArborXR enables you to deploy, update and monitor content remotely, ensuring smooth operation of your XR program.
AR and VR content deployment: 
  • With ArborXR Home & Kiosk Mode, customize the user experience on headsets. Lock devices and guide users with a tailored interface. Take back control and ensure a consistent user experience.
ArborXR provides an all-in-one solution for managing XR devices and content.

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