Virtual TechLab, the leading virtual learning environment that is revolutionizing IT hardware education.

At Changefied we strongly believe in the power of practical learning. Virtual TechLab offers you and your students the unique opportunity to practice unlimitedly with the professional assembly of PC components in a virtual environment. The virtual environment makes it possible to learn without the limitations that traditional learning methods entail, such as limited budgets, time and hardware. Students can learn at their own pace, make mistakes without consequences and deepen their understanding of IT hardware.


For Educational Institutions and IT Students

Virtual TechLab focuses on educational institutions, especially in the field of technical education and IT-related subjects. Our educational platform is designed to provide your students with Virtual Reality learning experiences in IT hardware assembly and selection, without the limitations of physical equipment. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced students who want to sharpen their skills and gain practical experience in a virtual environment.


  The power of Virtual TechLab

  • Virtual reality for realistic learning
    Step into a virtual environment that stimulates the real world. Virtual TechLab allows students to select, handle and assemble PC components as if they were physically in front of them.

  • Virtual collaboration
    Bring students together in a shared virtual environment, where they work together and leverage each other's expertise. This promotes social interaction and allows students to harness their collective thinking for an even more effective learning experience.

  • Risk-free hands-on experience
    Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Virtual TechLab allows students to experiment freely without real consequences. This promotes self-confidence and a deeper understanding of the material.

  • Wide selection of components
    Whether it concerns processors, memory modules or motherboards, our platform offers an extensive range of virtual components to work with and assemble.

  • Sustainability and eWaste reduction
    We are committed to a greener future. Virtual TechLab allows students to develop practical skills without wasting physical hardware, resulting in a significant reduction in electronic waste (eWaste).

  • Growth and future innovation
    Virtual TechLab evolves with the sector. Students are exposed to the latest trends and technologies, making them well prepared for the rapidly changing IT landscape.

Experience the power of Virtual TechLab and give your students a head start in the world of IT hardware. Learn more about how our platform can enhance their educational journey and prepare them for a successful future.


We strive to enrich the educational landscape through innovative and sustainable IT hardware training. Our goal is to provide students with an extraordinary learning experience where they not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also develop practical skills in selecting and assembling PC components. We are committed to delivering a high-quality virtual learning environment that prepares students for a successful career in the IT sector.

We also want to have a positive impact on the environment and promote sustainability. By giving students the opportunity to practice in a virtual environment, we reduce electronic waste (eWaste) and contribute to a greener future. Our mission is based on the idea that education and technology can go hand in hand with environmental responsibility.