About US

We focus on developing gamified social solutions using, for example, Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

We recognize that not everyone has sufficient opportunities to learn in order to fully participate in all facets of our society. We want to change that with the help of serious gaming!

Our mission is to create equal opportunities to learn for everyone, regardless of one's background or abilities. Our solutions enable people to gain new learning experiences, develop skills and grow at their own pace.

The Team


Tim van Dam - General Manager

During my career in ICT, I have always had a passion for the social aspect of technology. With Changefied, we want to emphasize the positive social impact of technology, with a particular focus on virtual reality (VR) and gamification.

It's fantastic to see that with innovative and creative solutions, we can teach people who were previously on the sidelines, the skills they need to fully participate in society. At Changefied, we are constantly searching for new opportunities to share our knowledge with those in need. For us, professional success is inseparable from social engagement and the ambition for a truly inclusive society.



Patricia Groenewegen-1

Patricia Groenewegen - Projectmanager

With a background in education, I have always had a passion for making a difference for people facing challenges in our society. The combination of pursuing that passion and contributing to innovating the field of education is what makes my work at Changefied so enjoyable.

When we started developing Virtual PT in 2020, our motivation was to increase the independence of students with psychosocial issues such as autism or mild intellectual disabilities by assisting them in learning to travel independently on public transportation. Every day, I enjoy hearing stories from this target group that underscore that we are indeed achieving that goal now!


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Erik Welling - Lead Software Engineer

I was still in the midst of my bachelor's degree in Game Technology when I was asked to participate in the development of Virtual PT. For me, serious gaming turned out to be the perfect intersection between game development and traditional software creation. It allows me to work with all the aspects that make game development enjoyable while also enabling us to have a real impact on society and vulnerable demographics.

In July 2023, we branched out independently. Witnessing our young company grow fills me with energy, and it's exciting to see the potential both for Changefied and for the individuals we can assist with it.

By now, I have completed my master's thesis and am nearing the completion of the master's program in Game & Media Technology. I am ready to dedicate myself even more intensely to the development of our solutions.



Thomas Korver - 3D Modeler

I was looking for a job in the 3D world, where I could express my passion for modeling and animation design. In the newspaper, I read about Virtual PT and found it immediately very interesting. Especially the educational aspect of this game appealed to me greatly. I sent an open application to Tim. There wasn't an immediate opening for me, but I was so motivated that I kept in touch.

Now, I've been the 3D modeler for all games at Changefied for a while. I'm extremely happy about that! The best part of my work is that it's very diverse, and I can contribute in all aspects of the projects. This gives me great opportunities to further develop myself.